Gardena Pruning Lopper StarCut 160 plus oksaleikkuri |

Gardena Pruning Lopper StarCut 160 plus oksaleikkuri


Leikkuun maksimihalkaisija 32 mm
Pituus 160 cm
Leikkuutyyppi Alasin
Terä Tarkkuushiottu, Tarttumattomalla pinnoitteella pinnoitettu

Saatavuus: Varastossa

Tuotetunnus (SKU): 967 63 83-01 12000-20 Osastot: ,

The GARDENA Tree and Shrub Loppers StarCut 160 plus is the specialist for tree maintenance. With a length of 160 cm, it permits easy and safe cutting from the ground without a ladder. The 12x gear transmission guarantees forceful cutting of branches with a diameter of up to 32 mm. The new, adjustable hook for removing cut-off branches provides additional comfort. This allows you to remove sawn-off branches from crowns of trees without any trouble at all. The GARDENA StarCut 160 plus features an internal pulley transmission mechanism which prevents it getting caught in branches during the cutting process. The extra-lightweight and slim cutting head permits convenient and targeted cutting even close to the trunk. The cutting angle can be individually adjusted from the ground. The precision-ground, non-stick-coated blades reduce the resistance when cutting and guarantee easy cleaning. The pull sleeve with slip stop and an additional T-handle ensure pleasant and safe handling and even more reach. This reach totals approx. 3.5 m including the user’s height. The GARDENA StarCut 160 plus is ‘Made in Germany’. The 25-year warranty ensures best quality.


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